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What a year we just had! How life hasn’t been simple! But at the same time, it brought us back straight to it; simplicity. Time stopped. Everything down shifted. We regained life’s simple pleasures, we cocooned into intimacy. We “comfort fooded” ourselves. Slack dressing became fashionable. Softness, brought back in our daily lives.

At Alizée’s, developing comfortable clothing was a breeze. We plunged into warmth inspired textures. We rediscovered the soft touch of velvet and wool. We chose fluffier insulation and wrapped ourselves in suppleness! This year’s collection captures the moment. Soothing and warm, it remains versatile and comfy.

My team and I had a great load of fun creating the clothes you will discover this season. Proud of Alizée’s committed state of mind, we carry its mission of allowing you to enjoy outdoor pleasures while being elegant and unique. Our clothes are accessible, stylish, supple, versatile and eco-responsible.

Our jackets are still designed and created here, in Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures and our manufactures respect the industry’s highest criteria of ethical and environmental matter. They are all Bluesign approved. We pursue our efforts to do better and maintain our quest for ecological fabrics, innovative textiles and technological insulation adding to its performance and the no animal by products qualities.

So, it’s time to indulge, guilt free and to wrap yourself with wellness. Happy Alizée’s winter!

Stephanie Bernadet - PDG Naturmania Inc.

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