From Waste to Jacket: The Trip of a Plastic Bottle

Half of our jackets contain recycled insulation which is made of plastic bottles collected for garment manufacturing. Between 10 and 16 bottles are used in each jacket. A few steps are required to transform a plastic bottle in high-performance and ecological material.

Plastic bottles are collected from recycled bins and are carried to a sorting center, where they go through a selecting process. The plastic that can be turned into other material is washed and dried. Then, it is crushed to become flakes and melted into chips. Those are extruded to obtain polyester fibers. Fibers are spun into yarn, which is afterwards woven into fabric. Finally, textile fabrics are ready to be used in garment manufacturing.

From fabrics to laminations and insulation, our team has worked hard this year to maximize recycled content in all its new 2019-2020 jackets. Therefore, each one of them will contain up to 25 plastic bottles. This means that 150 000 plastic bottles will not be thrown in oceans and landfills.


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