Les 3 couleurs du Cocoon


2020 has been a difficult year for everyone, whether it is for you or for businesses. Good news, it’s almost over! Even though Christmas will have to be reinvented this year, there is still time to offer gifts and give comfort to your loved ones. By choosing local businesses, you kill two birds with one stone: support the local economy and make those around you happy. Here are some ideas for local gifts.

For stylish pleasures:

Obviously, there is Alizée! And if you don’t have the budget to offer a jacket, which is understandable, there are also other types of clothing: isothermal underwears, accessories (socks, hats, gloves, etc.) and waterproof clothing for spring and fall. All of these products will help you enjoy your winter activities. What could be better than a useful, stylish and effective gift?

Budget: From 9,49$.

In terms of shoes, take a look at the Martino‘s website, where you’ll find quality warm boots that are resistant to bad weather. In addition, these products made by hand in Quebec are eco-conscious! A gift that will give your friend’s feet everything they need to survive our Quebec winters.

Budget: Visit a retailer.

For a gift that is sure to statisfy, choose Kanevas. Maternity, work, travel or convertible bags, everything is there! In addition, you can choose the materials and colors used for the bag yourself. The experience on their website is very satisfying. Do not hesitate to go and create the bag of your dreams. Vegan leathers available.

Budget: From 45$.

For the pleasures in the city:

Even if the cultural world is on hiatus at the moment, it will be important to support it in the coming months. The Imperial Bell, Quebec City’s legendary venue, offers a multitude of concerts throughout the year, but if you are unsure of the musical tastes of your loved ones, you can also offer a gift card. All the other venues in Quebec need obviously to be supported as well.

Budget: From 20$.

For the visual arts, what’s better than the Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec? Temporary and permanent exhibitions are to be discovered there to see the evolution of techniques and artistic trends. Offer a 1-year member access for an unlimited number of visits during the year and many other advantages (parking discounts, restaurants, shops, etc.).

Member access budget: From 31$.

For pleasures in nature:

For lovers of Quebec’s national parks, give an annual card to SÉPAQ. Valid for a single park or for all the parks in the network (variable price), this gift will undoubtedly occupy the weekends and holidays of your loved one. Quebec is full of magnificent landscapes, take the opportunity to see their changes over the 4 seasons.

Budget: From 44,50$.

For men and women of wood, Green Trail offers many gifts. Rugs and toques with HD animal pictures print, portable smokers perfect for camping or a whole range of rods and reels for fishing, you will find many ideas!

Budget: From 39,99$.

For gourmet pleasures:

The Grand Marché de Québec is THE place to go to find local artisan products: honey, maple, cheese, cold meats, wine and spirits from here, everything is there! Create your own basket, food is always a pleasure. You can even taste what you offer, perfect for foodies!

Budget: For all budgets.

To take care of your friends and yourself:

Enjoy the Quebec’s landscapes and hot baths, thanks to the Strom Spa. Basic or premium thermal experience with massage, with meal, many packages are available, for all budgets. It is even possible to buy a Strom passport to visit the four Strom Spa resorts in Quebec!

Budget: From 54$.

This year, more than ever, shop local. Support the merchants who keep the Quebec economy alive while giving pleasure. Many brands have fallen this year and others are still struggling, but we are finally at the gates of 2021 and the future looks to be brighter. So now is not the time to let go. And, even if Christmas is “canceled”, don’t forget to write, phone, videoconference with your loved ones!


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