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Alizée, practicality!

In addition to designing beautiful, original and varied styles, the Alizée team makes a special effort to create collections that are long-lasting, practical, versatile and easy to live with. We know how unpleasant it can be to wear an extra item of clothing when the cold arrives. But we work hard to alleviate winter's discomforts by thinking about everything that bothers us and finding practical, easy solutions.

For example, all our coats are machine washable. Simply remove the furs (if any), empty your pockets, unhook your ski tickets and off you go!
it in the machine, use a mild soap in cool water, without fabric softener, to restore your coat to its original clean appearance. Our polyester fabric
recycled insulation air-dry very quickly, so there's no need for a dryer. Hang them up overnight and in the morning they'll be ready to go!

We also don't like to overload ourselves with bags and purses. So, in all our coats, you'll find two interior chest pockets with zippers. Ideal for storing
cards in one and your cell phone in the other! You'll also find two large bottom pockets with snap closures for tucking away toques, scarves,
mittens and even a tablet! Not to mention all the outside pockets for your keys, mail or anything else you need for the day!

Our warm coats all feature inner cuffs with a thumb loop. We like to be warm and not get snow up our sleeves when we're plowing the car!
of our coats also have adjustments at the bottom and/or waist to ensure greater heat retention at the torso. Most of our hoods are removable,
all our furs are removable, so you can choose how you're going to use your garment.

Our recycled materials are also an interesting argument. We work hard to ensure that our garments last longer and generate less waste. But we also want to make sure that what goes into their manufacture is of transformed origin, and doesn't add to the fashion industry's already huge ecological footprint.

In short, choosing Alizée is not only a choice of style, but also of function, durability and comfort. All in all, it's an intelligent and conscious choice!
you for giving us the opportunity to surround you with warmth and make your life easier, especially in winter!

Have a great Alizée season!