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The care needed to preserve the life of your coat

Once the winter season is over, we feel the urge to quickly put away our winter items and remove all traces of cold from our wardrobes! But you still have to take some precautions before putting away, for a few months, your winter clothes.

1. Inspect your coat: are there any small repairs to be made?

First, take the time to look at it from every angle, literally!  A breakage on a garment is something that should ideally be corrected quickly. And since the season you use your garment is over, it's the perfect time to bring it to your seamstress to sew up the hole in your pocket or sew back the button that has fallen since January, if you find it, of course !

2. Learn about the specifics of the coat

Make sure that the integrity of the coat is correct and then, clean it. Take the time to read the care labels of your garment. Each company will have its recommendations, depending on the materials used in the manufacture of your coat.

3. Wash your coat

Empty all pockets, remove furs, your expired ski ticket or any other object hanging from your coat, which could damage it during washing, or damage your washing machine. Do not use bleach, such as soaps enriched with bleach or any other similar ingredient. Avoid fabric softeners that will damage the inner membranes of your coat. A simple mild soap in fresh water will be enough to give it a new look. In case of a stain, try to clean it directly on the fabric with dish soap (try on a hidden spot first) and a soft towel. Rub gently on the stain and let sit a few minutes. Then, finish to clean it in the washing machine on delicate cycle.

4. Dry your coat

Do not put it in the drying machine. Contrary to popular belief, the dryer will not help your insulation to fluff; it will cook it. Insulation made of synthetic material does not appreciate heat from your dryer. It could even reduce the heat factor of your jacket. The membranes will dry out and delaminated from the fabric, leaving your coat with a cellulite appearance! Finally, down and feathers do not appreciate the dryer either. After all, have you ever seen a duck get machine dried? Nature takes care of slowly air drying the feathers and down.  When dry, give a good shake to your coat to see all the fluff come back !

5. Store your coat well

Finally, brush your furs, put them back on your coat and store the clean AND dry garment in a protective cover to prevent dust and allow you to find a refreshed beautiful coat at the first frost!

With that, have a great summer !