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The first thing to know is that chills hate moisture. You are wrong if you think that more layers you wear warmer you will get. You will feel frozen after a high heat sensation cause by your own moisture.

Here are your three outdoor allies. These layers will keep you warm and dry and will give you the courage to enjoy under zero activities.

Spreading Layer: The Layer That Will Keep You Dry

This layer evacuates body moisture to the surface. Therefore, you have to choose a fast-drying garment to keep your skin dry. Avoid wool, cotton and natural fibers because they store water. The merino wool, often used in base layers, can trap the warmth when wet but dries less rapidly than the synthetic fibers. Your decision depends on your propensity to sweat. Synthetic fibers (polyester/polypropylène) still remain the best choice. Also, you have to consider the intensity of your activity and the outside weather.

Take a look at our base layers (Women/Men).

The Middle Layer: The Meat in The Sandwich

Similar to the spreading layer, the middle layer finds its role in warmth keeping. Lightweight, thin and packable, this layer can also be named ‘’ puffer jacket ’’. The layer, often isolated with natural or synthetic down, must ensure freedom of movement and doesn’t need to be tight.

Outside Layer: The Shield

This layer ensures a protection from bad weather. Breathable, the jacket has to evacuate moisture to the outside and be waterproof enough to protect you from the elements. Do not forget to protect your head, your hands and your feet, parts of our body often neglected. High performance gloves, winter hats, neck tubes and socks will make you enjoy winter.


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