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What is your experience before Naturmania?

I am a creative specialized in design, communication, production and graphic direction. During my professional career, I have worked in all positions related to the field of graphic communication, from corporate mining to the medical field.

When did you arrive at Naturmania? Why did you choose to work for this company?

I arrived in January 2017. I have always been quite intense in my practice of fishing and hunting, it was never enough. In addition, I love to produce, realize and work in software just as I like to design, manage and present a project. Naturmania offers me the opportunity to connect all these areas of interest, while having the chance to positively influence an area that has fascinated me since my childhood.

What does your job at Naturmania consist of?

I am in charge of the communication and marketing department. I define and ensure a common thread in the image of Naturmania and its brands through its business platforms, products and services. I also participate in the design and development of products. I am in charge of everything related to websites, graphics, photos and videos. Finally, my position at Naturmania allows me to perfect my skills in management, organizational efficiency, profitability and team coaching.

What is your dream in life?

Always more fishing, more hunting and more time enjoying the outdoors.

What is your favorite Alizée's product?

The Power Stretch jacket that keeps me warm anytime, anywhere. 

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