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Through the past years, Alizée has innovated by offering jackets that meet the current needs while respecting the environment in which we live in. Each winter, this garment protects millions of people around the world. Therefore, we challenged ourselves to rethink the way of conceiving jackets so they become your best winter’s companion, regardless of the situations and the conditions, and meet the highest environmental and ethical standards of Alizée.

Currently, half of Alizée jackets on the market are already made with BLACK PRIMALOFT insulation, which 60% of its content is from recycled material. We have committed ourselves to go further by maximizing recycled components on all Alizée jackets. That is why this year’s jackets contain 100% recycled insulation, fabric and lining. Up to now, 56 724 plastic bottles have been used in our jackets. And in 2020, we estimate to remove 150 000 plastic bottles from oceans and landfills.

To do so, it is important to be surrounded by the best. We choose wisely our partners and suppliers, while many of them are certified bluesign, as Polartec, Primaloft, YKK, because of their eco-friendly and durable textile production. We also ensure that the factories we work with complying with the ethical and environmental criteria of Alizée. Our values, from a human and material perspective, must be reflected in their operation mode and this is why our team meets them often to ensure they respect our standards. Moreover, all your fabrics are treated with a C6 water repellent finish that has a lower environmental impact than the traditional water repellent.

Alizée has decided not to use any animal product (down, leather and fur) in its jackets. Today’s technology and the expertise we have developed allow us to design jackets tested for the coldest temperature and without using these animal products. Indeed, synthetic insulation used in our jacket increase comfort because of its thermal qualities, similar to down.

Still, a lot has to be done and the fashion industry remains these days one of the most polluting. Nevertheless, we are convinced that every effort to improve industry practices will bring a real change in the textile and manufacturing world.

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