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What is your experience before Naturmania?

Product Director for Cascades Sports Inc. / Black Arrow inc. from 1990 until March 2005. It was at this time that Naturmania inc. acquires Cascades inc. / Black Arrow inc. and that I have been given the chance to be part of the Naturmania inc. team.

When did you arrive at Naturmania? Why did you choose to work for this company?

In March 2005, because the company I worked for was bought by Naturmania and the former president of Naturmania (Mr. Claude Bernadet) gave me the opportunity to show him that I could be useful for his business.

What does your job at Naturmania consist of?

As Director of Operations, I ensure the smooth running of the company's operations both in terms of supply and delivery of products, for all brands of the company. I am also responsible for the management of hunting, fishing and outdoor products. More specifically the brands Green Trail, M.O.S. and Black Arrow. Everything related to the logistics of transport and customs is also my responsibility.

What is your dream in life?

Be happy in life, both professionally and personally.

What is your favorite Alizée's product?

The Park is my favorite jacket. It is the one with the most recycled fibers, which is a great achievement for the company. Then, it matches my style.

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