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1. Check the coat's wash label

First, take the time to check the coat tag. Each coat has its cleaning specifications!

2. Empty your pockets

Check all the pockets, inside and outside, to make sure nothing is left inside.

3. The fur

If your coat has fur, detach it from the coat to wash it separately.

4. Washing

Put your coat in the drum of the machine, and add very little detergent, the equivalent of the bottom of a cork.

Spread the detergent over the entire coat.

5. Program 

Run your machine on the delicate program, at medium temperature (lukewarm).

6. Fur cleaning

During the wash cycle of the coat, you can clean the fur of the coat.

Dampen a clean cloth without using detergent, and clean the fur gently in the direction of the fibers, insisting if the stains persist. Let dry. Once dry, brush your fur in the direction of the hairs so that it regains its original appearance.

7. Drying

Once the machine wash cycle is complete, take your coat out and put it on a hanger to air dry. Do not use a dryer as this will damage the insulation of your coat!

8. Particularity

Some clothes, such as non washable fabric, or pale colored once, can be protected from stain and dirt with a fabric protector. 

Product like scotch guard spray for fabric can be a good idea.  So if you are scared of pale winter jacket, don't! Use a protector in a spray formula to assure stain won't stick to your favorite coat.

Sit outside to avoid inhaling vapors and gases from the spray.

Use a "scotch guard" type product and apply a little bit to a hidden part (to test the reaction). Then apply the product on the parts exposed to friction and dirt: pockets, main seam, neckline for example.

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