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The last few months have allowed many of us to go back to their roots and find nature. The next few weeks will be no different, take the opportunity to get some fresh air and (re)discover Quebec's nature. Here are 5 ideas for outdoor activities to practice alone or with members of your close family anywhere in Quebec. In addition, Alizée advises you on the best places to do these activities.

1. Cross-country skiing

If you already have your skis or if you want to invest this year, this could be the year when you will get the most value from your equipment.

No matter how you choose to get your skis, the Sentier des Caps de Charlevoix offers many trails that are among the most beautiful in Quebec. Hiking in the boreal forest, at the top of the massif with a magnificent view of the river and its ice, this is the perfect place to relax!

2. Snowshoeing

As with the previous activity, an investment in equipment is necessary to avoid a rental, but it is not a bad idea this year.

For a snowshoe hike, Mont-Mégantic National Park offers breathtaking views of the forest that stretches as far as the eye can see. A perfect way to breathe away from the city!

3. Ice skating

Another classic: ice skating. It is very popular on the city's ice rinks. But what could be better than ice skating in the forest in front of a breathtaking landscape?

The enchanting domain, or domain of the lost forest, offers a 15 kms trail in Mauricie. In addition, the area is home to many animals that will watch you enjoy the outdoors and nature.

4. Fatbike hiking

For a little more sensation and physical exercise, there is the fatbike! Once again, the Quebec trails are exceptionally beautiful.

Oka National Park has seven of them, at every difficulty. If you don’t have enough, the trails at Oka Abbey will give you 40 kms more. The ideal activity for working out and thinking about something else!

5. Sledding

Still in the sensation and a little less in the physical exercise, the Massif de Charlevoix offers 7.5 kms of sled run with breathtaking landscapes.

This is not an extreme sport, the speed and direction of the sleds are easily controlled. A great way to practice a different activity while getting some fresh air!

No matter what activity or activities you choose, Alizée will help you to warm up and make you enjoy it to the fullest!

For mental and physical health, it is important to get fresh air and not to stay locked in. By taking your precautions and respecting government rules, it is still possible to have fun and change air! Enjoy it as there is just that to do and most importantly, be home by 8pm.